The CoRe Coaching Development
Foundation (CCDF)

CCDF envisions a world where every woman can achieve her full potential. We are committed to making a lasting impact by providing women with resources they need to succeed. Our initiatives support women in governance, helping them excel as leaders and decision-makers, as well as female entrepreneurs by offering tailored coaching and mentorship to overcome challenges and enable them to thrive in their areas of expertise. 

Our holistic approach ensures our impact extends beyond individual success, benefiting families and communities. We believe empowering women paves the way for a more equitable and prosperous future for all in Africa. Together, we can create a world where every woman has the opportunity to shine and make a meaningful difference.

Our Coaching Academy

The Centre for CoRe Coaching (CCC) is the coach certification arm of the foundation. It is at the forefront of the development of the coaching industry in Africa and has trained coaches in diverse niches, particularly in Leadership and Business for top-tier public and private organisations. CCC is distinguished as the first indigenous internationally accredited coach training programme by International Coaching Federation (ICF) in West Africa.

Our Partners

CoRe Coaching Development Foundation is a community of ambitious and vibrant women across Africa

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Uncover your full potential

We are committed to helping smart and ambitious young African women live their full potentials


Woman connecting with Woman

We connect African women to each other through our ever-growing community


Connecting with Coaches

Access to coaches and a community of thriving coaching who will walk you through the journey of life.

Collaborate With Us

Join CCDF in inspiring women in governance and SMEs to achieve UN SDG goals, drive inclusive growth and create global impact.

CCDF Services

Unlock your potential, elevate your business, live with confidence and drive sustainable growth.

What They Say

LEncourage entrepreneurial talent throughout the continent, we constructed an infrastructWe’re Devoted To Promoting Entrepreneurship As The Secret To Increasing Africa’s Social And Economic Progress.


We believe the private sector’s role is critical for Africa’s development and that the private sector must create both social and economic wealth.
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Centre for CoRe Coaching

Our Top-Rated ICF-Accredited Coaching Certification Program. Centre for CoRe Coaching The Centre for CoRe Coaching

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